PT Bukaka Teknik Utama

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Fresh Graduates / Entry Level,Senior Staff

Job Description

  • Mengoperasikan peralatan lab (Hematologi, kimia darah, analisis urin, serologi, dll)
  • Mengambil sampel darah
  • Membuat laporan hasil analisa lab. 

Job Requirement

  • Lulusan D3 Analis Kesehatan
  • Usia 23-35 Tahun Menguasai penggunaan mesin & peralatan Laboratorium
  • Lebih diutamakan memiliki pengalaman sebagai analis kesehatan 

Company Description

Commencing in 1978, from a small scale operation with only twelve employees and a single product line, this company has grown into a multi-million dollar company with thousand of employees. Pioneer in the line of its genuine businesses, PT Bukaka Teknik Utama main activities cover the engineering and manufacturing of infra-structure related products and services.
The focus and strength of the company lie with its continuing and innovating experience in serving the rapid national development of the most important support sectors, namely energy transportation, and communication. The challenging enormous demand for the infra-structure, strives the company to keep its attention to the ongoing innovation competing world-wide.
This is a company with breakthroughs of utilizing the maximum use of its productive personnel and continuous efficiency improvement to the attainable level of innovation.
The company is opened to all opportunities that promote efficiency in such a spread-wise area of activities. Though delivery as the final stage of operation is executed in an efficient and economical manner, the company keeps its improving process, even it has to invite and or to cooperate with expertises.

Company Overview

Industry Mining / Engineering Construction
Address Bukaka Industrial Estate, Jl Raya Narogong - Bekasi KM 19,5 Cileungsi Bogor

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