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Staff Export & Import [EXIM]

PT Sinar Cemaramas Abadi

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Executive Staff / Middle Staff,Senior Staff

Job Description

  1. Membuat dan memastikan jadwal proses export import.
  2. Menjalin komunikasi dengan instansi terkait proses export import.
  3. Mengurus kelengkapan dokumen export import.
  4. Memesan shipping line dan menunjuk Pengusaha Pengurusan Jasa Kepabeanan (PPJK) terkait.

Job Requirement

  1. Minimum pendidikan S1.
  2. Memiliki pengalaman 2 tahun sebagai Staff Export & Import
  3. Memiliki kepribadian menyenangkan, senang bersosialisasi, berpikir kritis, percaya diri, dewasa & memiliki service mindset.
  4. Bersedia ditempatkan di Kantor Pusat PT. Sinar Cemaramas Abadi (Surabaya).

<strong>Apakah Anda </strong><strong>mampu memahami dan menguasai prosedur Export & Import?</strong>

<strong>Jadilah </strong><strong>Staff Export & Import [</strong><strong>EXIM]  di PT. SINAR CEMARAMAS ABADI hanya jika Anda:</strong>

  1. Mampu berbahasa Inggris aktif
  2. Memahami dan menguasai peraturan dan prosedur serta pengurusan dokumen Export & Import.
  3. Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi dan negosiasi yang baik.

Company Description

Our company started it's operation since 1992 under the name of PT. Sinar Cemaramas Abadi which based in Surabaya and had it's branch office in Jakarta. PT. Sinar Cemaramas Abadi is the sole distributor in Indonesia specialist on electroplating chemical and cooperating with some of leading company in the World of our Quality Control unit.


PT. Sinar Cemaramas Abadi has a global customer base with organisations representing an incredibly diverse range of industries. We are a trusted source for engineering electroplating coatings and surface finishing that meet our customer’s requirements, national standards, and third party specifications.

High Standard Quality, Competitive Price, and After Sales Service is our main objective.

Why Join Us?

Our Mission

We believe that we can be a chemical formulator company for the entire Industry arround the World and we are focusing on customer sastifaction first.

Our Culture

  • Work with full and whole-Heartedly
  • Honest
  • Full Responsibility
  • Agile and Responsive
  • Team Work

Company Overview

Industry General & Wholesale Trading/ Distributing
Address Jl Agung Niaga VI Blok G 6 No. 46, Sunter Agung Podomoro, Jakarta, Indonesia (14350)

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