PT Desain Revolusi Indonesia


PT Desain Revolusi Indonesia

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Supervisor / Superintendant / Coordinator

Job Description

  • Manajemen konstruksi/proyek.
  • Manajemen Sub-Kontraktor, Vendor, dan Supplier untuk Keperluan Proyek.
  • Manajemen tenaga kerja (tukang) dan mandor di lapangan.
  • Memastikan proyek berjalan sesuai dengan schedule kerja (mengatur rotasi tukang apabila pekerjaan 3 shift).
  • Memastikan proyek berjalan sesuai dengan gambar arsitektur yang ada.
  • Memahami karakteristik bahan (finishing)
  • Menghitung kebutuhan material
  • Membuat target waktu setiap pekerjaan
  • Supervisi proyek secara rutin 

Job Requirement

  • Pendidikan D3/S1 Sipil
  • Berpengalaman mengerjakan proyek sipil 3 s/d 5 tahun
  • Memiliki kendaraan pribadi minimal motor
  • Mampu membaca dan memahami gambar kerja
  • Disiplin, teliti dan dapat berkerja di bawah tekanan
  • Dapat bekerja secara Individu maupun tim

Company Description

Delution Design Revolution is an architectural and interior design planning company in South Jakarta. The company is established by 3 young architects with the same vision in 2013 in Jakarta, i.e. Muhammad Egha, Sunjaya Askaria and Hezby Ryandi. Fahmy Desrizal joined as a new partner in 2014 who contributes in the growth of Delution. The founders always strive to create innovative and creative solution in answering recent architecture and interior needs. The founders and the company envision to participate in the betterment and growth of space and city landscape, nationally and internationally. The company focuses on maximizing and delivering the best in design, function and harmonization among all two and to also create revolutionary pieces for the creative industry especially architecture and interior. Other than managing and running projects locally (Jakarta region), nationally (Sukabumi and Bengkulu) and internationally (India), Delution also have winning some international and national award, like Special Mention German Design Council at Frankfurt, Best Design of The Year for Corporate Small Space Category by International Interior Design Association at Hong-Kong, and Finalist 2A Asia Architecture Awards by 2A Magazine at Istanbul, For National Delution Clinched the Second Place in Monumen Patung Yesus Competition in Jayapura organized by Indonesian Architecture Association. Besides award, Delution project has been published by some International magazine and journal like Korea, China, Germany, French, Arab, Spain and Rusia.
Now, Delution Enterprise is a holding company that has 4 company in it; Delution Architect (Design), CRI (Construction), ONEL (Furnishing) and Vortiland (Property Developer) 

Company Overview

Industry Advertising / Marketing / Promotion / PR
Address Bintaro Utara A1 no. 11

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